How To Report A Smelly Hotel Room

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If you encounter a smelly hotel room and would like to report the issue, here's a step-by-step guide on what you can do:

Document the issue: Take note of the specific details regarding the smell. Is it a foul odor, cigarette smoke, mold, or some other unpleasant smell? Try to pinpoint the source if possible.

Notify the hotel staff: Contact the front desk or hotel staff immediately and inform them about the problem. Explain the situation politely and clearly, emphasizing the discomfort caused by the smell. Provide specific information about the room number and any relevant details.

Request a room change: Ask the hotel staff if it's possible to be moved to another room. Explain that the smell is unacceptable and affects your stay. They may be able to accommodate your request, especially if there are available rooms.

Ask for assistance: If a room change is not possible, request that the hotel staff address the issue promptly. They might be able to send housekeeping or maintenance staff to investigate and mitigate the smell. Be clear about your expectations and the desired resolution.

Take photos or videos: If you can, discreetly take photos or videos of the issue as evidence. This documentation can be helpful later if you need to escalate the complaint or if you require evidence for a refund or compensation.

Maintain records: Keep a record of all your interactions with the hotel staff, including the date, time, names of the staff members you spoke to, and any actions or promises made by the hotel. This information will be useful if you need to escalate the complaint later.

Report to hotel management: If the hotel staff is unresponsive or unable to resolve the issue satisfactorily, ask to speak with a manager or supervisor. Clearly explain the situation, detailing the steps you have already taken to address the problem. Request appropriate compensation or a resolution that meets your expectations.

Consider online reviews: If the hotel management does not provide a satisfactory resolution, you may choose to leave an honest and fair review of your experience on relevant online platforms such as travel websites or social media. Be factual and objective in your review, sharing your experience with the smelly room and how the hotel handled the situation.

Remember to maintain a calm and polite demeanor throughout the process. Most hotels aim to provide a pleasant stay for their guests and will likely take your complaint seriously.