1-Star Hotel Reviews Is Amazing - A Must Watch

Ryan Trahan's YouTube channel - I don't need a refund, I need a therapist.  A Journey to the Lowest-Rated Hotels in America: A Story of Surprises. 

In a daring adventure, one man sets out on a journey to explore the lowest-rated hotels across America. Armed with a mission to leave a genuine five-star review at each location, he embarks on an expedition that takes him from the chilly Salt Lake City to the heart of New York City and ultimately to the remote landscapes of South Dakota. Along the way, he encounters bizarre reviews, unexpected surprises, and a touch of character development.

Salt Lake City, Utah: An Unexpected Start

The journey begins in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a review from Stefan that sounds like it's straight out of a thriller movie. A blizzard, a cash deposit, a hostage situation, and a bomb squad - could it all be true? Our intrepid traveler finds himself in disbelief as he navigates the mysteries of this one-star hotel.

Bed Bugs and Selfies: Unusual Experiences

As he delves deeper into his adventure, our traveler encounters the recurring theme of bed bugs and mysterious incidents. While bed bugs seem to be a common complaint, a peculiar selfie-only review by William adds an element of intrigue. Is there more to these reviews than meets the eye?

The $100 Cash Deposit Challenge

One of the challenges our traveler faces is the hotel's policy of requiring a $100 cash deposit. With no cash in hand, he embarks on a quest to secure the deposit before checking in. The twists and turns of this journey highlight the lengths he is willing to go to leave an honest five-star review.

Hotel Fort Des Moines: A Surprising Oasis

In the bustling city of Des Moines, Iowa, our traveler finds a hotel that defies expectations. Despite its low rating, Hotel Fort Des Moines offers a pleasant surprise. Clean rooms, a spacious bathroom, and an unexpected view make this stay more comfortable than anticipated.

New York City: High Expectations and Unusual Complaints

In the iconic Times Square of New York City, our traveler encounters a hotel with low ratings but high expectations. The reviews are peppered with unusual complaints, from old breast milk in the fridge to underwear beside the jacuzzi tub. Despite the oddities, our adventurer finds the hotel surprisingly accommodating.

A Surprise at the Casino

Attached to a casino, the South Dakota hotel presents a unique challenge. Reviews from a frequent visitor, Matt, describe continuous disappointments. The casino, however, becomes an unexpected source of excitement as our traveler wins a jackpot and enjoys the casino's unique ambiance.

A Heartwarming Finish

The journey concludes with our traveler feeling a sense of accomplishment. He reflects on his character development, having read a book during the trip - a thoughtful gesture for his wife, Haley. The touching conclusion reminds us that home is where happiness and safety reside.


Embarking on a quest to explore the lowest-rated hotels in America, our traveler encounters a series of unexpected experiences. From bizarre reviews to surprising comforts, this journey is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of a traveler determined to find the silver lining in even the most challenging situations. Ultimately, it's a story of personal growth, surprises, and the importance of home and happiness.