10 Ways to Eliminate Odors in Stinky Hotel Rooms

hotel room odor sign

Eliminating odors in hotel rooms can be a challenging task, but there are several effective methods that you can use:

  1. Open windows: The simplest and most effective way to eliminate odors is by opening windows to let fresh air in. This will allow fresh air to circulate in the room, reducing any stale or musty smells.
  2. Deep cleaning: Deep cleaning the room, including carpets, curtains, bedding, and furniture, can help to eliminate odors caused by dirt, dust, or food spills.
  3. Air fresheners: Using air fresheners or deodorizers, such as sprays or diffusers, can help to mask odors temporarily. However, it's important to use a natural or hypoallergenic product to avoid any allergic reactions or respiratory issues.
  4. Odor absorbers: Activated charcoal, baking soda, or other odor absorbers can help to neutralize odors in the air. Simply place them in a dish or sachet and leave them in the room for a few hours.
  5. Proper ventilation: Ensuring proper ventilation in the room, such as using a fan or air conditioning, can help to eliminate odors and improve air quality.
  6. Identify the source: It's important to identify the source of the odor and address it directly. For example, if there is a mold problem, it should be remediated, or if there is a plumbing issue, it should be fixed.
  7. HVAC Air quality: The HVAC system should provide proper ventilation to ensure the good air quality in the hotel rooms. Air filters should be changed regularly to prevent the buildup of dust, pollen, and other pollutants. It's also important to ensure that the HVAC system is well-maintained to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.
  8. Mildew: is a common problem in hotel rooms, particularly in humid environments. Here are some steps to eliminate mildew in hotel rooms: Remove visible mildew: Use a solution of one-part bleach to ten-parts water to clean any visible mildew on surfaces. 
  9. Marijuana and vapor smoke can leave a lingering odor in hotel rooms, and it can be difficult to remove. 
  10. Pet odor can be a nuisance in hotel rooms, especially for guests who may be sensitive to the smell.