20 Most Common Complaints of Hotel Rooms

1 star rating hotel room

The most common complaint hotel rooms are about dirty or unkempt rooms. Here are some of the most common complaints that guests have about hotel rooms:

  1. Dirty or unkempt or smelly rooms: Guests often complain about finding dirty or untidy rooms upon arrival. This can include unclean bathrooms, stained linens, or a general lack of cleanliness throughout the room.
  2. Uncomfortable beds or bedding: Guests may complain about uncomfortable beds, hard or lumpy mattresses, or low-quality bedding that causes them to have a poor night's sleep.
  3. Noise disturbance: Guests may complain about noise disturbances, such as loud music or voices from nearby rooms or outside the hotel.
  4. Poor quality Wi-Fi or other amenities: Guests may complain about poor quality Wi-Fi, slow internet speeds, or a lack of amenities such as a fridge or microwave.
  5. Temperature issues: Guests may complain about rooms that are too hot or too cold, or HVAC systems that are too loud or not functioning properly.
  6. Poor customer service: Guests may complain about unhelpful or unfriendly staff, long wait times for check-in or check-out, or unaddressed complaints or issues during their stay.
  7. Safety concerns: Guests may complain about safety concerns, such as broken locks on doors or windows, or inadequate lighting in hallways or parking areas.
  8. Noisy neighbors
  9. Lack of self-serve options or room keys don't work
  10. Bad staff attitude
  11. No hot water
  12. Bed bugs and insections
  13. Small or uncomfortable beds
  14. Slow or no WiFi
  15. No pets allowed
  16. No complimentary supplies
  17. Bad breakfast or nothing provided
  18. Freeway or traffic noise
  19. No free parking available
  20. TV does not work or hard to use 

In summary, guests often complain about dirty or unkempt rooms, uncomfortable beds or bedding, noise disturbance, poor quality Wi-Fi or other amenities, temperature issues, poor customer service, and safety concerns. Hotel managers should address these issues promptly to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.